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How to Choose a photographer

Choosing a photographer can be a minefield, where do you begin? Well, let me help point you in the right direction......

When I started setting up Hall Of Fame Photography, I was amazed at how many photographers there were out there, how many styles of photos, and how many recommendations for different people there are.

My mission every time I speak to a couple is to help unpick some of that confusion and reduce the anxiety over choosing a photographer. It's the BIGGEST day of your life, so here goes.....

#1 - Editing Style. Light, Bright and Airy OR Dark and Moody photos ? Look on Social Media. Instagram is a fab place to start trawling through photos. There are two main styles of photo when it comes to editing.

I typically edit in a light, bright and airy way which you'll see throughout my website and socials. There is no right or wrong editing style, its purely personal preference. Get looking at lots of different photos and see what does it for you.

Photo Above : Light, Bright and Airy photo example - Liverpool

Photo Above : Dark and Moody photo example - Liverpool

#2 - Are you confident or shy? Documentary style, Prompted and Staged.

There are three main ways a photographer will photograph a client. Choosing a way that works for your personalities is so important. Speak to photographers and ask them how they photograph. Below are some examples of the different styles and how they work.

Documentary style - The photographer will follow you around on the day, not getting too involved, capturing what happens as it naturally would.

Staged Photography - so when you were at school and the photographer would sit you do for your end of year photo, they told you exactly where to place your hand and how to sit. Thats staged style.

Prompted Photography - This is where i fall as a photographer, think of it as in the middle of documentary and staged... I capture candid natural photos as they happen but will also give some direction as to how to create that 'natural laughter' for example, I would ask 'how you first met, and a funny story from your first date' or 'tell me how you proposed' creating that natural conversation and emotion which takes my couples back to that moment.

btw-I hate my photo being taken, and so i can absolutely relate to anyone feeling the same way! Prompted creates a great space for people like me to get those instagramable photos in a natural way.

#3 Get to know your photographer

Remember we are technically guests at your wedding! We are helping and guiding you on the biggest day of your life so far. Would you invite someone as a guest if you didnt connect with them ?

Have a phone call, meet them for coffee, chat to them on a couples shoot... don't settle for second best or someone you feel you don't connect with, remember there are loads of photographers out there.

Suggest a meet and greet for example, Im based in Shrewsbury which is a small town in Shropshire, my go to places for catchups are small independant coffee shops in central Shrewsbury or the cute flower gardens in the Quarry. I travel across the UK and cover a wide area of the midlands, but theres no place like home.

Remember, theres no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a photographer, yes you absolutely will get what you pay for but ultimately it is personal preference.

Photos and blog by Hall Of Fame Photography, Photographer Nicole Hall, 2022

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