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Wedding Photography: Worried? Nervous?

You're not alone! Welcome to the minefield world of a Wedding Photographer - Let me explain what you can expect next

I just wanted to reach out on here and let you know what to expect on your upcoming photoshoot if you have booked one or thinking of booking one.

Let me give you confidence by saying first of all that your shoot is going to be awesome, and know that 99% of the time the first 10 minutes of any photoshoot can feel uncomfortable until you relax into it and feel confident in front of the camera! Trust in the fact that I do this everyday; I'll always prompt and direct you and never ask you to do something that feels wrong or awkward or leave you hanging with no idea what you should be doing next. I promise it will be fun and by the end of the session you'll be totally relaxed and having fun. The objective isn’t just to take pretty pictures, but to capture this exciting stage in your life, exactly as it is now.

Here’s a few tips before we meet up:

-Connect on the day: Relax, unwind, choose to do what you love on the day of your shoot. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a shoot absolutely frazzled and rushed and disconnected. If you’re able to take the morning off, do it. Give yourself lots of time to get to the location so you don’t feel stressed on arrival.

-Dress like yourself: Wear something you feel awesome and beautiful in. Ensure its an outfit you’ve worn before and you know its comfortable. Avoid big patterns, logos, or bright colors. Aim for earthy tones, natural fabrics and clothing with lots of movement.

-Have zero expectations: Embrace what comes, the wind, the rain, the laughter, whatever unfolds. Every shoot is unique, and we have no set pattern. It’s all about YOU and capturing your life exactly how it is on the day of your shoot. I can’t give you any guarantees of what we will capture, let’s see what magic happens on the day.

@halloffamephotography- Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Photoshoot Logistics

-I'll get in touch a few days prior to confirm the location, and meeting time and answer any pending questions you may have about outfits etc

-I'll meet you… at your chosen location, there are some fab places and venues around Shrewsbury and Shropshire for these if you fancy the rolling hills in the countryside

-I'll send you some sneak peaks 48 hours after your session and the full gallery within 3-6 weeks via a downloadable web gallery.

Wedding Nerves are normal

Please don't sweat the small stuff. Reach out to me , I know how it feels to be overwhelmed with the thought of a camera in your face. Its so important to me to help you feel comfortable and this is the reason I set up Hall Of Fame Photography.

If this is you, reach out or book your photoshoot to learn more, Book now or Subscribe.

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